Ballot Issue 2M

City of Boulder 0.3 Cents Capital Improvement Tax Extension
Without raising the existing tax rate, shall the existing community culture and safety sales and use tax of 0.3 cents, scheduled to expire December 31, 2017, be extended to December 31, 2021, with the revenue from such tax extension and all earnings thereon be used to fund city capital improvement projects such as:
  • approximately $12,500,000 to relocate Fire Station #3;
  • approximately $5,000,000 for library - North Boulder branch;
  • approximately $5,500,000 for citywide radio infrastructure replacement;
  • approximately $3,500,000 for Fourmile Canyon Creek greenways improvements - 19th to Broadway;
  • approximately $4,200,000 for Scott Carpenter pool replacement; and
  • approximately $400,000 for public art;
Non-profit organization capital improvement projects such as:
  • approximately $87,000 for growing gardens - pollinator pavilion;
  • approximately $822,500 for Community Cycles community cycling center;
  • approximately $1,600,000 for Meals on Wheels new facility construction;
  • approximately $1,750,000 for Studio Arts Boulder - community studio arts education center;
  • approximately $1,400,000 for Center for Resource Conservation – zero waste community center;
  • approximately $1,250,000 for KGNU - community media center; and
  • approximately $1,000,000 for Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - museum renovation;
Any payments from this tax to non-profit organizations shall be made in compliance with terms, conditions, timing and fundraising matching requirements approved by the Boulder City Council; and any remaining funds to be appropriated by the Boulder City Council to fund capital improvement program projects; and in connection therewith, shall any earnings from the revenues from such tax extension constitute a voter approved revenue change and an exception to the revenue and spending limits of Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado constitution?