1. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s (BVCP) four-body review process requires City Council, County Commissioners, City Planning Board and County Planning Commissioners to review and approve shifts of properties from County jurisdiction to City jurisdiction, as defined by the BVCP. In the recent BCVP 2015 update, the four-body review process was significantly changed. Do you agree with the changes? Why or why not?
In my answer to the first question, I mentioned the observations that I make in my garden that are symptoms of the bigger picture. In the short period of about 10 years, I have noticed an alarming decrease in pollinators and by extension, food production. Spring tree blossoms used to create an audible buzz that marked the season.
The city has done much on this front with its IPM policies. Also, most flowering plant retailers carry neonic free plants exclusively (the Flower Bin in Longmont does, too!)
Through neighborhood activities we can continue to raise awareness. But the most impactful work would be to change leadership at the state level that will be more open to policies that protect some of the hardest workers that sustain our ability to continue to eat.