1. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s (BVCP) four-body review process requires City Council, County Commissioners, City Planning Board and County Planning Commissioners to review and approve shifts of properties from County jurisdiction to City jurisdiction, as defined by the BVCP. In the recent BCVP 2015 update, the four-body review process was significantly changed. Do you agree with the changes? Why or why not?
It’s vitally important to have a healthy inventory of rental housing in Boulder. As our property values have skyrocketed we have seen both purchased housing and rental housing prices rise to a place of unaffordability. Having this high saturation of rental housing puts an extra burden on our affordable housing and general housing market. Added to that the prohibition on rent control make it even harder to bring affordability to Boulder rental market. In same instances its more affordable to build affordable housing than it is to build rental housing. With affordability being of utmost importance currently in Boulder we should look at reducing the rental stock in order to provide affordable housing in its place in order to keep pricing low.