1. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s (BVCP) four-body review process requires City Council, County Commissioners, City Planning Board and County Planning Commissioners to review and approve shifts of properties from County jurisdiction to City jurisdiction, as defined by the BVCP. In the recent BCVP 2015 update, the four-body review process was significantly changed. Do you agree with the changes? Why or why not?

I feel that rental property owners are an extremely important part of the Boulder community. Half of Boulder’s housing stock is rental. Thus, rental property owners play a vital role.

A specific area of collaboration I see has already been touched on in this questionnaire– working together on the Smart Regs program to help Boulder reach its Climate Action Goals and reduce emissions and energy consumption from buildings.

Another area of collaboration is figuring out ways to maintain affordability in Boulder. I think with our existing rental stock, what this means is maintaining housing that is currently affordable in Boulder. If property owners have a property that is relatively affordable, to the extent possible, it would serve the greater cause of affordability to keep that property at the approximate rental range that it’s in, as opposed to re-building it as something much more lavish and expensive.

A third area of collaboration that occurs to me is to continue the great work that BARHA has done thus far in nuisance abatement. It’s important to make sure that all rental property owners (and their tenants) are aware of the laws surrounding snow shoveling, cutting overgrown weeds and tree limbs, noise, trash and recycling, etc.

A fourth area of collaboration is encouraging all rentals within Boulder to maintain current licenses with the City, or to come into licensure if they’re not.

I view BARHA as a great partner to the City. If elected, I will work to strengthen this relationship. Thank you for the opportunity for me to answer your questions, and I hope to have your support in the fall.