1. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s (BVCP) four-body review process requires City Council, County Commissioners, City Planning Board and County Planning Commissioners to review and approve shifts of properties from County jurisdiction to City jurisdiction, as defined by the BVCP. In the recent BCVP 2015 update, the four-body review process was significantly changed. Do you agree with the changes? Why or why not?
• Throughout the year, particularly during September Pollinator Appreciation Month, encourage more neighborhoods to become Pollinator Safe Neighborhoods. Encourage more retailers, landscape companies, nurseries, farms, and tree companies to become Pollinator Safe Businesses.
• HOA’s and some Boulder Housing Partner properties are lagging behind. Get them to eliminate use of pesticides and herbicides, particularly neonicotinoids and glyphosates on their properties.
• More public workshops on integrated pest management, and managing yards without pesticides/herbicides. Have City properties demonstrate sustainable landscapes.
• Expand public education – on the City’s website, Nextdoor.com, and fliers in City’s newsletter and water bills – that encourages pollinator-safe behavior and why it matters. It’s not just about bees – it’s vital to our entire ecosystem.