12. The Hogan-Pancost property, a 22 acre parcel along South Boulder Creek that contains numerous wetlands, has once again been proposed for annexation and a residential development of 117 dwelling units. Do you think it should be annexed and developed as proposed? Annexed and developed in some different manner than proposed? Not annexed? Why?
The City has done a great job to encourage bicycling and walking. I think greater and safer use could best be encouraged by establishing more bike lanes (and more protection from auto traffic in existing bike lanes) and requiring the greatest possible public permeability for pedestrians and bike during the permitting and planning of new developments in areas with sparsely laid out roads, paths and bikeways. Using existing corridors associated with ditches, creeks and transmission lines as multi-use paths should also take place as opportunities arise. Ensuring that all residents have Ecopasses will result in greater bicycle and pedestrian use because residents will have better access to public transportation, resulting in greater willingness to walk or bike to their destination if they know that they have the option of using public transport for their return journey if there is bad weather, or some other problem.