12. The Hogan-Pancost property, a 22 acre parcel along South Boulder Creek that contains numerous wetlands, has once again been proposed for annexation and a residential development of 117 dwelling units. Do you think it should be annexed and developed as proposed? Annexed and developed in some different manner than proposed? Not annexed? Why?
I support the current system of Boulder elections. I believe it allows candidates and eventual Council Member to represent interests of the whole City, and it keeps Council Members accountable to all residents of the city. Systems involving wards or districts create incentives for candidates and Council Members to serve narrow interests which can be parochial. The mayor of Boulder serves to lead the Council meetings and acts as a spokesperson for the Council at public events, but otherwise has no significant additional power than other Council Members. The sole power that the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem have relative to other Council Members is their year-long service on the Council Agenda Committee, which sets meeting agendas based on the work plan developed at the annual Council retreats. I think passing term limits was a mistake, since the institutional memory delivered by long-serving members helps provide context to how current ordinances came to be, and the process that brought us to our current state.