10. An estimate of the current number of visits to Open Space is nearing 6 million. In the face of this increasing demand, what measures would you support to ensure that the Open Space system is sustainable into the future?
According to the city, there are at least 3,250 properties in Boulder that have not passed Smart Regs. Based on the rate of adoption, it’s likely that many will still not comply by the 2019 deadline. Because improving energy efficiency of our commercial and residential buildings is critical to the city’s climate goals, I would push for policy that pushes for increased adoption to compliant buildings. The current fee of $50 is increasing to $100 in 2018 — I would consider any additional fee increases to also be paired with a subsidy designed to work with property owners get into compliance. I would also like to better understand the hardship that some property owners face (for example, if they own a historic building) and evaluate mechanisms for additional assistance for those with the most difficulty in coming into compliance.