Sierra Club Survey
  1. What are your major environmental achievements either as an elected/appointed official, or in a work or volunteer capacity?
  2. If elected, what are two achievable environmental goals that you would champion in the next two years?
  3. What importance do you attach to completion of Boulder’s Muni project? What outcome do you support?
  4. What are your views on natural gas as a transition fuel from coal for electricity generation?
  5. Open Space and Mountain Parks Department will be preparing the Department’s first Master Plan in 2018-2019. What should stewardship of OSMP lands look like? What issues should be addressed in the Master Plan?
  6. How would you address demands between conservation and recreation?
  7. How can the City best facilitate greater and safer use of the transportation network by bicyclists and pedestrians?
  8. What are your ideas for Boulder to reduce its emissions in the transportation sector?
  9. What would you do to continue the City’s efforts to protect pollinators?
  10. If elected you will be serving on a Council that will be negotiating an Annexation agreement with CU for the CU South property. What environmental conditions do you suggest be included in the annexation agreement and why?