1. Despite Boulder’s reputation as a “green” community, our per-capita carbon footprint is pretty high. How can we shape our built environment and transportation systems for lower impact?
  2. What are your major environmental achievements either as an elected/appointed official, or in a work or volunteer capacity?
  3. If elected, what are two achievable environmental goals that you would champion in the next two years?
  4. What are your views on natural gas as a transition fuel from coal for electricity generation?
  5. How would you address demands between conservation and recreation?
  6. What are your ideas for Boulder to reduce its emissions in the transportation sector?
  7. What would you do to continue the City’s efforts to protect pollinators?
  8. If elected you will be serving on a Council that will be negotiating an Annexation agreement with CU for the CU South property. What environmental conditions do you suggest be included in the annexation agreement and why?
  9. For years the City’s plan to reduce GHG emissions from transportation has depended on efforts to move people out of single-occupancy vehicles into shared vehicles and buses, bicycles, and foot travel. It is increasingly being predicted that surface transportation will soon be dominated by self-driving, electric-powered vehicles owned by large organizations and rented to users on a ride-by-ride basis. Do you think this prediction will be fulfilled in the next 20 years? If yes, how should the City prepare for, and respond to this new transportation reality?