The Hogan-Pancost property, a 22 acre parcel along South Boulder Creek that contains numerous wetlands, has once again been proposed for annexation and a residential development of 117 dwelling units. Do you think it should be annexed and developed as proposed? Annexed and developed in some different manner than proposed? Not annexed? Why?

I’m running for Council because I care deeply about Boulder – the place where I was born and raised. I’m running because I believe better solutions need to be crafted, that can bring the community together rather than pushing it apart.

I represent a fresh perspective – as a younger candidate, a businesswoman, a Boulder native, a Gunbarrel (City of Boulder portion) resident, and a volunteer firefighter who deeply understands our emergency professionals who daily put their lives on the line for us. I’m also an affordable housing alumnus, who saved enough to eventually buy a home.

I straddle many worlds that don’t often intersect. This puts me in an excellent position to facilitate the elusive solutions Boulder really needs now. Rather than settling for winners and losers, our city can do better by working together. If elected, I’ll work tirelessly to create win-wins.