1. Do you support Boulder’s drive to municipalize its electric utility? If so, what are the limits on taxpayer dollars and time you are prepared to spend to achieve that goal and, if not, how do you propose to achieve Boulder’s renewable energy goals?
  2. What is your current position on municipalization of Boulder’s electrical service? Has your opinion changed since municipalization was first debated seven years ago?
  3. The tax on City electric bills that funds the City's municipalization efforts is due to expire the end of 2017. What is your position on renewing the tax in this election year?
  4. What importance do you attach to completion of Boulder’s Muni project? What outcome do you support?
  5. Do you support Boulder’s effort to create a Municipal Electric Utility? If you do not support a Boulder Municipal Electric Utility, or if Boulder should fail in its efforts to create one, what would be your plan to achieve Boulder’s emission goals?