The tax on City electric bills that funds the City's municipalization efforts is due to expire the end of 2017. What is your position on renewing the tax in this election year?
I’m running for Council because I have had two years on the Council to learn, and I now have a better view of what needs to be done to improve governance of the City and accountability to our citizens. I hope to win a 4-year seat so I can make a difference in the Council and in the City. I will bring a practical, common-sense approach to solving the problems of this community. In addition, my entrepreneurial background gives me that kind of mindset to opportunities within the city, whether it be economic, environmental, housing, transportation, or the arts.
My top 3 priorities for the coming term are a) housing b) governance and accountability; c) environmental initiatives, based on results of municipalization vote and the potential need to go a different direction.
How I am qualified: I have spent the past 2 years on Council, and I’ve learned a lot about City operations, budget, and processes. I have spent many years in the business world, managing large high-tech sales and service organizations. I have had to make difficult decisions, manage large teams and large budgets. I am a proven leader and manager, and I have managed and led change. I have also served on non-profit boards locally and co-founded a company and have expertise in housing and the arts. Please find more information at