Do you support Boulder’s drive to municipalize its electric utility? If so, what are the limits on taxpayer dollars and time you are prepared to spend to achieve that goal and, if not, how do you propose to achieve Boulder’s renewable energy goals?
As somebody who was raised in Boulder and has lived here for over 50 years, I am interested in helping Boulder move ahead with practical decisions that are based on the values and practices that have made Boulder one of the most successful and desirable cities in the country. These values include "paying it forward" - the willingness to invest in projects and practices that benefit the publlc, and acceptance of limitations on private actions and practices that have tangible or intangible adverse impacts on the public. My top priorities are:
To ensure that both public and private changes in Boulder move ahead with due consideration of impacts to the public and the City of Boulder
To ensure that housing in Boulder is available for residents with a wide range of incomes, so that Boulder's social and cultural character retains its vitality.
To ensure that Boulder's desirable characteristics and features retain their central position in decisions made about growth and development.