Open Space
  1. Tell us your vision for open space moving forward, including specifically the challenges regarding the success of huge visitation. Would you prioritize either protection or recreation on a hypothetical new property?
  2. Which is closer to your view and why: (a) It is the primary goal of the Open Space program to preserve and protect lands under its authority, and public access should be allowed mainly when it can be done with minimal or no impact; or (b) Public access is a good in its own right, and therefore access and preservation should be considered equally balanced goals.
  3. Can you see yourself supporting a cap, in some form, of the number of people using a specific Open Space resource? What sorts of considerations would justify that type of policy?
  4. Open Space and Mountain Parks Department will be preparing the Department’s first Master Plan in 2018-2019. What should stewardship of OSMP lands look like? What issues should be addressed in the Master Plan?
  5. An estimate of the current number of visits to Open Space is nearing 6 million. In the face of this increasing demand, what measures would you support to ensure that the Open Space system is sustainable into the future?
  6. The plan for the bike trail on the west side of US 36 north of Lee Hill Road on ecologically sensitive Open Space property was approved by the City Council on the condition that it carefully limit any negative impacts to the eco-systems there. How would you assure yourself and the public that the trail does not create such negative impacts?