Housing Affordability for middle-income families is becoming more and more difficult in Boulder. Currently, Boulder only allows 3 or 4 unrelated people to occupy a home depending on the zoning district. The number of people allowed, however, has no relationship to the size of the home. This leaves larger properties (4 bedrooms and up) underutilized with respect to housing. What suggested solutions do you have to remedy this problem?
The City’s measures to protect pollinators – stopping the use of neonicotinoids, urging others to do that, and sponsoring education programs and celebrations of pollinators in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and CU – all need to be continued. By encouraging the efforts of organic landscaping and lawn care companies and providing incentives for additional companies to follow their lead, the city could make another great leap in protecting pollinators. Also, by advancing the use of native species of wildflowers and grasses throughout the city, as OSMP and the Native Plant Society have been doing, hundreds of native pollinators will regain habitat. All city properties and new developments should be demonstration landscapes with pollinator-friendly plantings and practices.