1. Do you support the Transportation Master Plan’s goal of increasing the mode share of bicycles from 10% to 30% by 2035 to achieve the community’s environmental and livability goals? If so, what concrete steps do you propose to achieve this and how do you anticipate doing that while maintaining safety for cyclists and motorists alike?
  2. What strategies do you support regarding land use, housing and transportation policies and programs to address the impacts of our in-commuting workforce?
  3. What transportation solutions would you suggest to ease congestion, especially resulting from 49,000 in-commuters, specifically those that drive alone? Would you favor solutions to improve roads and parking; bus or other transportation; cycling and walking, or some combination thereof? How would you fund transportation improvements? Do you favor higher parking costs and other disincentives to driving?
  4. How can the City best facilitate greater and safer use of the transportation network by bicyclists and pedestrians?
  5. What are your ideas for Boulder to reduce its emissions in the transportation sector?
  6. At present, the City only requires that developers implement Transportation Demand Management for a limited time period. Do you think that TDM should be required to extend over the entire life of a development?